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Sublimation printing house -

Sublimation printing house -

We have 25 materials for sublimation printing at your disposal.

These include :

✔️ Oxford fabric - waterproof - is an ideal garden material, for backpacks, pencil cases, etc. You will quickly appreciate it, because it is a modern material with above-average resistance to weather conditions and mechanical damage. Made of polyester (100%), covered on one side with polyurethane. The Oxford fabric is highly resistant to dirt.

✔️ brushed sweatshirt fabric - the characteristic soft fluff on the left side of the material is made of threads forming the padding, which are cut and scratched at the finishing stage. This solution ensures adequate thermal comfort.

✔️ 3D softshell - the fabric consists of three layers: outer knitwear, middle membrane and inner microfleece. The flexibility resulting from the use of special fibers increases wearing comfort and guarantees incredible comfort. High-quality polyurethane membrane protects against wind and rain. Exceptional tear resistance and elasticity make it perfect for sublimation.

Full list of materials with price list.

Possible printing of your own designs from 0.5 meters.

We cordially invite you to shop!

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