Wool, a bundle of ideas for winter

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We like to wrap ourselves in it on cold winter days. The heroine of this post is wool. Find out about its advantages.

Wool is a natural fiber obtained from the hair of sheep, llamas, camels, goats and other furry animals. Its high quality allows you to sew high-quality clothing that we are happy to wear in the autumn and winter period. We love wool for its great protection against low temperatures and high hygroscopicity. In addition, it does not absorb intense odors and allows the skin to breathe, which also affects the comfort of wearing woolen clothes. It is good to know that wool heats even when ... it is damp! Tailoring enthusiasts eagerly sew sweaters, coats or fashionable accessories for winter outfits. Wool fibers are extremely elastic, elastic, thanks to which fabrics and knitted fabrics do not crease. This saves time that would otherwise be spent on ironed items!

Below we present the classification of wool according to its origin:

sheep - merino, shetland

camel - camel

lam - alpaca

goat - mohair, cashmere

rabbit - angora

Soft-to-touch, fluffy wool is made of merino wool. One of the best types of wool in terms of quality is cashmere.

In practice, combinations of wool with other fibers are often used, e.g. with cotton, linen or even silk. Such mixtures are suitable for making carpets, rugs, blankets or pillows. The itching feeling that wool sometimes causes is most often the result of the body's sensitivity to the coarser diameter of the fibers, not necessarily an allergic reaction.


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