Jersey is a type of knitted fabric originally made of thin wool and cotton fibers, often with elastane. The sides of the fabric are different - on the right one you can see rows of eyelets running across it, while the left one is non-usable. It extends very well. After it is cut, it rolls to the right side. The name of the fabric comes from the island in the English Channel - Jersey. This knit is extremely soft and durable, fits perfectly to the body and allows the skin to breathe. It is airy and gentle, and also stretches well. Ideally suited as t-shirts, underwear, bedding and all kinds of light clothing.

Jersey can have different types of weave, therefore we distinguish between single and double weave


Single weave - so-called single jersey, i.e. simply jersey.

Double weave - this is, for example, punto - a thicker type of jersey, its main feature is very good quality,

strength and flexibility, it is slightly ductile and pleasant to touch. I'm fit for costumes

suits, skirts, dresses.