5 tips to make your sewing (and life) easier

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Hey, hey, are you a beginner seamstress? Do you get irritated when something goes wrong? Meet 5 "knitted" tips that will help you face your sewing challenges!

1. Having trouble getting the thread through the eye of the needle? Test it at home: use a hairspray to sprinkle the thread on it. As a result, it will become stiffer and will pass through the needle's eye without any problems. You don't have to thank us

2. When you don't have tailor's chalk at hand, use a piece of soap! Thanks to it, you can easily mark auxiliary lines that you later wash, so that no trace of them remains.

3. If you are going to give a second life to a zipper made of a different garment, rub it with melted starch and iron it with an iron. Nobody will know that the lock was not new!

4. The coat button keeps coming off and you have to sew it on again and again? Next time, sew it… floss! Use its trait of durability, thanks to which the problem with the button falling off will not repeat again.

5. Scissors are an important tool in your daily work, so they should always be at hand! We therefore advise you to thread the scissors onto a piece of ribbon and hang them around your neck. This tip will save you nerves when you want to trim a piece of thread or fabric


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