Fabric versus knitwear - see the differences

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Fabric versus knitwear - see the differences

Fabric versus knitted fabric - discover the differences

Materials can be divided into fabrics and knitted fabrics. In our store, you will find two main categories, which are divided into individual subcategories.

To organize your knowledge of popular textiles, let's repeat that they are divided into two groups:
- fabrics,
- knitted fabrics.

The simplest words are that fabrics are woven, while knitted fabrics are knitted. The two categories differ in the method of braiding the threads. The fabric consists of two threads: warp and weft. The knitted fabric, on the other hand, is made of yarn forming the loops. There are linen, silk, cotton, wool and wool-like fabrics, as well as jute fabrics. So the shirts we wear every day are made of knitted fabric, while shirts worn for important occasions are made of fabric.

We can conclude that the choice of material depends on the purpose for which we are buying it. Regardless of whether we choose a universal fabric or a knitted fabric that is comfortable to wear, cotton will be the best choice. The addition of elastane in the composition will make the fabric stretch well and the outfit will not lose its shape. Polyester knitted fabrics, i.e. fleece or minky fabrics, also have many advantages and are perfect for sewing a blanket or a shawl.

Below are some suggestions that will help you make your first shopping at dzane.pl. We have listed popular garments and assigned them fabrics, of which they are most often made:
- T-shirt, pajamas: interlock or jersey cotton knit,
- sweatpants: loop sweatshirt,
- sweatshirt: brushed sweatshirt ,
- dress: cotton fabric or loop sweatshirt.

We hope that we have dispelled your doubts. Remember that if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Have a great shopping!


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